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The System

The Transformation Company

The Fašade Patented product and rendering system is a 4 stage process which not only produces a natural looking brick finish, it also has excellent weathering properties and most importantly, like brickwork, it is maintenance free.


Stage 1 – Preparation of surface 

The surface is subject to a preparatory treatment. This is to remove any unsound and flaking material. If the surface to be rendered is very uneven apply dabbing out where required. This is then followed by the application of a bonding adhesive.

Stage 2

The application of Fašade waterproof sand and cement render levelling coat 7-10 mm thick, which is then scratch finished to provide a key for the Fašade brick finish.


Stage 3

The application of the Fašade sand and cement rendering product with its patented method and tooling technique produces the brick finish of 7-10 thick which resembles the natural brick surface in both texture and colour of the type of brick specified.

Stage 4

The Fašade simulated brick sand and cement render is then pointed in the same way as natural brickwork to give a traditional brick finish appearance, and to provide the same weathering properties as natural brickwork.